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Who is 610society?

Friends since we were 5, we feel fortunate to be working together at ReVive! Salon. Amanda, Salon Owner, has owned and operated ReVive for over a decade, in addition to traveling national educating stylists. Amanda is also one of ReVive's Leading Stylists, and has been mastering the art of hair for nearly 14 years.

Meesh, Salon Manager, holds close to two decades experience in customer service and has a genuine love of helping others. One of Meesh's great strengths is helping implement and adapt our salon's sustainability methods in caring for the planet. We are passionate about what we do and are here to share our knowledge with you.

What is 610society?

Loaded with information and less fluff, together we bring you unique hair situations that normal people face.

From both the novice and the master, we are happy to see you here.

We know how good it feels to

L O V E Y O U R H A I R.

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